Nov 082013
Finke Goby Chlamadygobius japalpa Care Sheet

Photo – Gunther Schmida Introduction – A care sheet is to help you keep and breed your small gobies to be able to keep them going and have spares to give to your friends. The Finke Goby is on the Northern Territory threatened species list as vulnerable because of its restricted distribution. It is restricted […]

Jun 292013
Reticulated Glassfish

  Common Name:                        Reticulated Glassfish Genus species:                        Ambassis macleayi (Castelnau, 1878) Family:                                    AMBASSIDAE Description:  size, colour :   A perch shaped fish that is not quite as clear as other glassfishes but has a dark pattern around the scales.  The males in good breeding condition will have mauve or red and tellow […]

Jun 292013
Dinosaur Dung, Dinosaur Pee and Dinosaur Spit

Dinosaur fertilisers explanation.   Dinosaur spit is a ten percent solution of glutardaldehyde, a carbon compound usually used as a disinfectant in hospitals and piggeries however in small doses appears to kill single celled animals for a while then break down to carbon that becomes available for plants thus a two level plant growing assistant. […]

Jun 282013
Freshwater Plankton

Freshwater Plankton The term plankton, singular plankter are any organisms live in the water column and are incapable of swimming against a current (from wkwipedia). The number of species in the marine environment is huge and when we talk about plankton we usually think of the open ocean and the large marine creatures that eat […]

Jun 272013
Pond Maintenance in the Darwin Area

Pond Servicing Introduction The Darwin water supply is collected from Darwin River Dam area with additional waters from the Girraween bore field.  The water is soft and low in total dissolved solids which means there is little carbonate and bicarbonate as well as low in calcium and magnesium.     It is also a reason that some […]

Jun 262013

  Introduction Andrew South helped me come up with some information about managing Darwin Tap water for Aquaponics.  The info will help with other water supplies. Aquaponics is the use of a fish culture pond where the resulting nutrient waste from the fish is used as an hydroponics solution to grow vegetables or ornamental plants.  It […]

Jun 242013
Mariana's Hardyhead

On 4 April 09 the 4 x 2 x 2 photographic aquarium was set up to photograph Mariana’s Hardyhead. I am not quite sure where the Wildlife Park collected them but it was probably the upper South Alligator River or the East Alligator River in the top end of the Northern Territory. It is only […]

Jun 242013
Lepironia articulata

Description A tall slender rush with a dark green/grey cylindrical stem. It has a creeping ryyzome and a small single brown oval shaped seed pod near the spike end. Photos – Dave Wilson Distribution Taiwan, Magagascar, Fiji, in Australia it occurs in the NT, Qld and WA. Habit In the NT it grows in shallow […]