Aquagreen About Us

In 1995 Dave and Robyn Wilson started a small business called Aquagreen.

The business is a small licensed Aquaculture facility located at Howard Springs in the Northern Territory. Our aim is to provide Australian Native plants, invertebrates and fish to the Aquarium hobby. Many native plant species require high light levels and attention to water quality management. To find out more about a particular plant or fish go to the catalogue link , and scroll down to the plant or fish list and click on the products that are underscored. The information section of each species has comments on its cultivation. There are also many Aquarium keeping forums and social media pages online with information about keeping a wide range of aquatic life.

The freight page has information regarding how many plants will fit in your order . Orders are sent on Monday's of each week. Once you place a order, a quote will be sent to you. Please allow time for us to responds to your requests. The following information will be included:

Attached is a quote (a pdf file) for the items you nominated. If you cannot open the attached quote let us know. Quotes are valid for 30 days. If you wish to go ahead with the order, email us the payment details as soon as possible. Once the funds arrive your order will be sent out. We accept electronic transfer, or you can use Paypal using our email address ( as payment reference. We do not have a credit card facility. We send orders on Monday to the address nominated. Please check the quote to make sure the address and other details are correct as we use the quote as a packing slip. If you use EFT Please include the quote number in the reference field of your transaction, AND PLEASE ONLY DEPOSIT THE EXACT AMOUNT ON YOUR QUOTE. If you do not do this it will cause delays.

There is a text field on the online order form if you wish to ask question or to check if we have something available. Once payments are received your order will be sent out. We are currently only send live plants and dry goods as there is no reliable affordable over night service from Darwin that will take live fish, shrimps, snails or fish.

If you want to set up an aquarium with fish and plants from a particular place go to the Australia and New Guinea Fishes Association (ANGFA) database and into the survey section where you will find lists of aquatic plants that were observed during the surveys conducted by members. You can get to that web site and other useful sites from the Links page.