Aquagreen: Freight Information

Freight Company: Aquagreen products are sent via overnight Air Freight and Australia Post express satchels. Deliveries via air freight are either Airport to Airport or satchels to your door left without receivers signature. Darwin is also outside the guaranteed overnight delivery times, thus sometimes it can take 2 nights.

Dispatch: Livestock are sent Monday to Wednesday, which allows for two day delivery. So do not be alarmed if your order does not turn up the next day. Dry goods are sent the closest working day to the order being taken.

Freight Costs/Methods:

Air Freight Express Satchel
3kg box $18.45, 3kg esky $28.71 500 gram satchel $10.80
5kg esky $38.34 3kg satchel $18.45,
Perishable - price on application 5kg satchel $30.00

Quotes: At all times, we will quote you transport costs on your order. If you change your order it may well change the cost of your transport as well.

Livestock: When ordering livestock (fish and invertebrates) an Esky will be needed and they will be shipped via overnight air freight. So if you order 1 snail you will pay for an esky and 3 kg regardless.

Basic Estimation: This is a guide only and all depends on size and type of livestock.

Shipping Guarantee: Delays in freight, weather conditions and rough handling are not the responsibility of Aquagreen. Please advise on the day of arrival of any problems with delivery and we will negotiate a solution. This maybe a refund on the goods ordered, a credit for your next order or a resend. Additional Freight Charges will be the responsibility of the Customer depending on the circumstances.

We hope this will help you plan your next order and that you can make the most of your freight dollar.