Goyder River Lace Plant

Aponogeton tofus

General information : The form cultured at Aquagreen was collected from the Goyder River. It has dark maroon or dark brown leaves in strong light and green leaves in lower light situations. This plant produces a tuber that is eaten by some Aboriginal groups.

Cultivation notes : It is one plant that grows well in low light aquariums. It grows in deep shade in its natural location. The water quality details from where it was collected are available on the ANGFA database in the Goyder River survey details. Here at Aquagreen they are kept in 70% shaded natural light. pH is kept about 7, GH 50 ppm, KH 60 ppm, temp about 27 deg C. Substrate used to grow plant under cultivation is local laterie soil covered with an inch of river sand.

Distribution : Northern Territory in Arnhem Land

Selling details : Sold as individual plants with all substrate washed from roots.

Reference: Jacobs, Les, Moody and Hellquist (2005) Two new species of Aponogeton (Aponogetonaceae), and a key to species from Australia, Telopea11(2) 129-134