Coomalie Creek Hairgrass

Eleocharis geniculata

General information: This is the largest hairgrass offered for the aquarium, it grows to approx 60 cemtimeters in the aquarium. The small creek where the parent stock came from runs in the shade of large trees. The plant was in approximately 50 cm of water and completely submerged. The fourth photo on the right was taken by Gunther Schmida and is about 30 cm from where the original parent stock was collected near the town of Batchelor NT.

Cultivation notes : In the aquarium it prefers medium to high light levels. At Aquagreen it is cultivated in 60cm deep water under 70% shade cloth. The water temperature ranges from 22 up to 30 degrees celsius during the year but averages about 26 degrees Celsius. The water is soft with general hardness usually about 60ppm and the carbonate hardness about 70ppm. The pH ranges from about 7 in the morning up to 7.5 in the afternoons when the CO2 cant keep up with plant demand. It is propagated from seed and vegetatively by dividing clumps.

Distribution : It is widespread in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. In Australia it has been recorded from WA, SA, Qld and NT. In other parts of the world it is known by the common names Canada Spikesedge, Bent Spike Rush, Anual Spike Rush and Pantropic Spike Rush.

Selling details : Sold as an individual plant

Reference: Thanks to Ben Stuckey and Ian Cowie of NT Herbarium for identification. Cowie, Short and Osterkamp Madsen (2000) "Floodplain Flora, a flora of the floodplain of the Northern Territory, Australia"