Water Thyme

Hydrilla verticillata

General information: It mostly grows in slow to still waters. Common in large floodplain billabongs of the NT. It is classed as one of the worlds worst water weeds outside Australia. It caused problems in the Fairway Waters lakes by growing into large amounts and reducing available dissolved oxygen for fish in the early hours of the morning. The Palmerston City Council has purchased a water weed cutting barge to remove this plant when it grows into large amounts covering and filling the ponds of Fairway Waters.

Cultivation notes : It is a fully aquatic species, grows well in low light and deep water. It can be used as algae inhibiter as it produces alellopathic compounds and also inhibits the growth of Ceratophyllum demersum (Hornwort). Hydrilla can also pull its carbon from carbonates leaving the other part of the compound on the leaves, such as white calcium deposit. This causes the pH to rise up to 10 also giving this plant an advantage over other plants.

Distribution : Africa, Europe to Australia. Introduced to the Americas. In Australia it is found in NT, WA, Qld, NSW, Vic and SA.

Selling details : Sold in bunches of cut stems tied at the base.

Reference: Cowie, Short & Osterkamp Madsen ( 2000 ) "Floodplain Flora, a flora of the floodplain of the Northern Territory, Australia"