Water Wysteria

Hygrophila difformis

General information: A bogplant that has small dark green leaves and sticky stems. Once growing submerged the leaves are quite different.

Cultivation notes : A very popular aquarium plant easy to grow in medium light levels. A beginners plant one of the most widely available in the aquarium trade. Cultivated at Aquagreen submerged in water 27 deg C most of the year, pH neutral, GH 60 ppm, KH 70 ppm. It does better in a rich substrate. A good beginners plant that forms a nice background for the planted aquarium. In the picture there is a stem of a verigated form bottom right of the picture. This is also available from Aquagreen.

Distribution : India, Burma, Thailand and Malaysian Penninsular. Found in Berry Springs NT where it has been since the 1980's causing no trouble as a weed.

Selling details : Sold as a bunch of cut stems.

Reference: Kasselmann (2003) "Aquarium Plants", Kreiger Publishing Company, Malabar, Florida.