Sunset Hygro

Hygrophila sunset

General information: A cultivar herb, patterned from some sort of accident of nature or a disease and cultured. Aquagreen obtained plant from aquatium trade as sunset hygro. Not much else known. Varigated plants are the result of a virus and when they occur in cultivation they are usually kept going by the nursery operator. Sunset hygro looks similar to Hygrophila polysperma "Rosenervig"

Cultivation notes : This plant is cultured submerged in water about 27 Deg C, a pH about 7 a GH of 60 ppm and a KH of 70 ppm. It likes a rich substrate and is easy to grow in an aquarium. Medium to high light will be needed to get the pink colour however it will grow well in lower light.

Distribution : Probably from India

Selling details : Sold as a bunch of cut stems.

Reference: Kasselmann (2003) "Aquarium Plants" , Kreiger publishing Florida USA.