Lates calcarifer

General information: The Barramundi offered by Aquagreen are bred and grown through larval stages at the Darwin Aquaculture Centre or a commercoal hatchery where they are monitored for health issues by the NT's finest aquaculture professionals. When you buy these small fish you will receive an invoice from Aquagreen a lisenced reseller. This will enable you to legally possess undersized fish. Barramundi is one of the most important commercial fish species in Australia from a professional fisherman aspect as well as recreational angling. They are cultured locally by Humpty Doo Barramundi a very large and successful fish farm that supplies Woolworths. Aquaculture Barramundi is much improved with better feeds and handling practises, make sure you buy Australian Barramundi. They are big business where they occur. The Aquaculture Scientists have studied the life story and are able to produce young fish for the Aquaculture Industry, the Pet Trade and Aquaponics use. Barramundi are able to travel between salt and fresh water and generally the younger fish push inland and grow in rivers and billabongs, as they grow over 60 to 80 centimeters they migrate back to the sea where the larger fish over 80 cm change sex to females.

Cultivation notes : If your small barra is to be used in aquaponics keep the water temperature above 22 deg C and less than 30 Deg C. Suggest hardness level of 50 to 100 ppm, Alkalinity 50 to 80 ppm. If the alkalinity is not let fall to low the pH will be more stable. Keep the plant bioload high if the fish bioload is high. There are some good aquaponics references on the internet. Study the relationship between pH and ammonia/ammonium and keep water quality records so you learn what is happening in your system. Use vegetables suited to the climate in your area. In Darwin there are plenty of Asian vegetables available from weekend markets. Vegetables such as Kankong, Buffalo Spinach, Water Hissop and Taro. Standard temperate vegetables such as tomatoes can be grown in the cooler months.

Distribution : Found across the top of Australia and East Africa, Southern Japan, Asia to India.

Selling details : Sold as ndividuals around 100 mm

Reference: Allen, Midgley and Allen, 2002, "Freshwater Fishes of Australia"]