Moyle River Ambulia

Limnophila wilsonii

General information: Parent stock for the form cultured was obtained from the Moyle River. It was cultivated and as it flowered it was noticed the flower was different, a botanist from Taiwan suggested it was a new species. A few years later Christel Kasselmann described it then published her description in her new book, "Aquarium Plants" published in English, 2020. It is the largest Limnophila out of the Australian species and grows very quickly when conditions are good for plant growth.

Cultivation notes : Propagates by runner along substrate or pieces of cut stem are planted in suitable substrate. Grows fast when pH controlled by CO2 and extra fertilisers are added. Grows better with high light levels.

Distribution : Endemic to Northern Australia, found in North West of NT.

Selling details : sold by bunch of cut stems tied at the base.

Reference: Christel Kasselmann (2020) "Aquarium Plants"