Lindernia tenuiflia


General information: This plant is in the same family as many well known aquarium plants. The family Scrophulariaceae has such plants as Glossostigma, Microcarpaea, Bacopa and Limnophila. It grows under water in many locations around the top end of the Northern Territory and is cultivated submerged. It has not been tested as an aquarium plant so needs more work.

Cultivation notes : It has been grown submerged for a few years now at Aquagreen but not put into a planted aquarium for testing. The water quality and substrate for its cultivation are pH 7.0, GH 50ppm, KH 60ppm, temp 27 to 30 with pH control via carbon dioxide. The substrate is laterite base with sand over the top. Light is 70% shaded sunlight.

Distribution : Widespread through Asia, in Australia in the NT and Qld.

Selling details : Sold in a bunch of cut stems.

Reference: Cowie, Short, Osterkamp-Madsen (2000) "Floodplain Flora, a flora of the floodplain of the Northern Territory, Australia"