Western RF Fish River

Melanotaenia australis (Fish)

General information: It is one of the most common species of Rainbowfish in North West Australia. Like most species of Rainbowfish with a large distribution there is some variation in colours from different rivers and even from one end of a system to the other end. Colours tend to be more vibrant in specimens toward the source of a river system. There are a number of good photographs on the ANGFA database. Natural diet includes filament algae, aquatic insects, terrestrial insects and small crustaceans. They are reported to grow to 110 mm but are more common about 70 mm. The inhabit shallower areas around vegetation and other submerged cover. Fry live in the shallows close to the edge.

Cultivation notes : The water they are cultured in is between 26 and 32 deg, hardness 50ppm, alkalinity 60ppm, pH about 7. Diet in the wild would be ants, algae, other aquatic insects, terrestrial insects and micro crustaceans. A captive diet should contain between 30 and 50 % vegetable matter. It is a peaceful fish suitable for most tropical community aquarium. The species is an egg scattering species and can be bred easily in the aquarium.

Distribution : Western Rainbowfish are found in streams of the Gasgoin WA, Kimberley WA and North West of the NT. Fish River is part of the Daly River drainage.

Selling details : Sold individually at 3 cm or larger

Reference: Allen, Midgely & Allen (2002) Freshwater Fishes of Australia