Microcarpaea minima

General information : This plant is another in the family Scrophulariaceae. This is the family that has the nice aquatics such as the Limnophilas and Bacopas. It is quite common around the local creeks, rivers and drains throughout the top end. The species under cultivation here originated from a creek on Whitewood Road in Howard Springs. It spreads out laterally before growing up. It may be a good ground cover plant in a high light tank and kept trimmed with scissors.

Cultivation notes : It is easy to grow liking medium to high light levels. It was growing in laterite soil/gravel in the creek where collected and has been observed growing submerse in the Edith River near Katherine NT. The details of the water quality there are recorded on the ANGFA database accessible via the links from this web site. It is cultivated here with laterite substrate covered with river sand, pH 7, KH 60 ppm, GH 50ppm, pH cotrolled with carbon dioxide. The lighting is natural, filtered to 70% of full strength.

Distribution : Found from India through Asia to Australia and North to Japan. In Australia it is found in WA and NT.

Selling details : Sold as a bunch of cut stems tied at the base.

Reference : Cowe, Short & Osterkamp_Madsen (2000) "Floodplain Flora, a flora of the floodplain of the Northern Territory, Australia"]