Nymphaea pubescens

Nymphaea pubescens

General information: A large night flowering lily with a white flower. The submerged leaves of the young plant are pale white yellow undeneath and pale green on the top, the juvenile submerged leaves have plenty of spots. It is an attractive aquarium plant when used as a juvenile plant. This plant is closely related to the other popular aquarium species that have attractive underwater leaves, the Nymphaea lotus group. Like all of those it can be trained to stay in its juvenile form in the aquarium by nipping off the floating leaves.

Cultivation notes : Grows from seed each year in the wet season.

Distribution : India through Asia to North Australia. In Australia it is found in NT and Qld.

Selling details : Sold as individual plants with all substrate washed free from the roots.

Reference: Cowie, Short, Osterkamp-Madsen (2000) "Floodplain Flora, a flora of the floodplain of the Northern Territory, Australia"