Blueback Blue-eye or neon Blue-eye

Pseudomugil cyanodorsalis

General information: This little fish lives in a very hostile environment. In the outer areas of mangroves in the tropical areas of NT, WA, Qld and PNG. It is subject to extremes of temperature and salinities. In the dry season the salt level can rise to much higher than seawater, up to 40 parts per thousand (PPT). In the wet season they are likely to live in pure fresh soft rain water for up to 4 months. Their diet in the real world is unknown but in thier habitat at the back of the mangroves near Buffalo Creek, NT there is green water full of micro crusrtaceans and small insects. Males and females are easily distinguished by the length of the fins in mature specimens the males have much longer fins. If you look at the third picture there is a mature female in the centre, all the other photos are males.

Cultivation notes : In captivity it is OK living in fresh water as long as it is not too acidic, it is best kept in slightly alkaline water, pH about 7.5 or higher. It can tolerate long term fresh water but if breeding is required a small amount of salt will bring on better results with egg production. A small amount of salt, 2 ppt will allow these fish to keep breeding with good results, if the water is fresh and soft, egg production will drop off to almost none. It will take prepared foods such as flake but it is best to provide a feed of small live foods once or twice a week.

Distribution : WA, Qld, NT and PNG.

Selling details : Sold individually at total length of 2.0 cm or over

Reference: Allen, Midgley and Allen, (2002)"Freshwater Fishes of Australia" , Allen (1995) "Rainbowfishes in Nature and in the Aquarium"