Branching Val

Vallisneria caulescens

General information: Vallisneria caulescens is an unusual Val species in that it branches from a stem. When the plant is young it sends up long broad green leaves and sends runners along the bottom. As the plants mature the stem starts to develope and the leaves become more red. Plants in shallow water in very bright light are very red in colour.

Cultivation notes : At Aquagreen it grows best in the wet season after the water temperature rises above 27 deg C. It is very fast growing when all the nutrients and water quality parameters are kept constant. The water conditions that best suit this plant are Carbonate Hardness 60 ppm, Hardness 50 ppm, pH 7.0 and a temperature between 27 and 30 deg C. Propagates by seed and runners. There is a male and female plant.

Distribution : In the wetland billabongs and lagoons around the Gulf of Carpenteria, Australia.

Selling details : Sold as abunch of uprooted plants with substrate washed free from roots.

Reference: Williams K.A.W., (1984) "Native Plants of Queensland" Volune 2, page 290.