Daintree Val

Vallisneria erecta

General information: This plant has been in the aquarium trade and sold by Aquagreen as Vallisneria nana, Daintree River variety. It is the common Vallisneria found in the Daintree River North of Cairns in Qld. This Val is quite large and has thick green leaves that are quite stiff compared to other vals with ribbon like leaves. The vall seems to only grow to the depth of available water and not make very long leaves like some other vals. Surrey Jacobs of the Royal Botanic Gardens, NSW in conjunction with some DNA specialists in the USA has described this as a new species in 2008.

Cultivation notes : Propagates by runners or seed if you have both sexes, easy to grow, tolerates a broad range of conditions. Young plants grown from seed have spotty leaves.

Distribution : Daintree River, Queensland

Selling details : sold as a bunch

Reference: Donald Les, Surrey Jacobs, Nicholas Tippery, Lei Chen, Michael Moody and Maike Wilstermann-Hildebrand (2008) "Systematics of Vallisneria (Hydrocharitaceae)"